Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles?

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It is a little surprising, but many pregnant women crave salty foods. A group of pregnant women were surveyed about pregnancy cravings and salty foods came in as the second main pregnancy craving. 33 percent of pregnant women in this group craved salty foods. Here are four reasons why you may need to stack up on kosher dill pickles during your next pregnancy. 

Sodium Deficiency

Pregnant women who crave pickles may have a sodium deficiency. Sodium deficiency occurs when there is more fluid in the blood than salt. This may explain the reason why you are craving dill pickles.

Dill pickles start out as cucumbers that are brewed in a brine. The brine is made up of dill, salt, water and vinegar. The end result is a product that is high in salt.

If you are craving salty foods, then you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. It could be a sign that your body is telling you something is wrong.

Vitamin Deficiencies

When you have salty and sour cravings, your body could be in search of specific nutrients. A strange craving usually indicates a vitamin deficiency. Your body makes up for these deficiencies by making the foods with the needed nutrition seem more appealing.

Hormonal Changes

It is common for pregnant women to experience sudden changes in their progesterone and estrogen levels. These changes affects your taste and mood. A woman's taste preference usually changes during pregnancy. This affects the type of food you choose to eat. You may enjoy foods that you normally wouldn't like because of hormonal changes.

Psychological and Environmental Influences

Pregnancy is a big topic in most families. It is common to hear stories about pregnant women eating pickles for breakfast because of the strong cravings. Some women are raised to believe that craving pickles is standard during pregnancy. If you are raised to believe pregnant women eat pickles, then you may be more likely going to crave pickles during pregnancy.

Women receive a lot of tips about what they should do to have a healthy baby. These tips may cause them to drink or eat certain foods. For these reasons, pregnancy cravings are often the result of psychological and environmental influences.

Pregnancy is something you should enjoy because you are bringing life into the world. Some women use this time to overindulge on their favorite foods. However, it helps to use some moderation. Overeating can lead to health problems and early delivery. Remember, pickle cravings are normal because your body is going through so many changes.