Party Planning 101: Five Ways To Use Fresh Chevre As An Appetizer

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Chevre is a goat's cheese with a delicate, tart flavor that compliments many dishes. It is commonly used in pasta dishes, usually as a filling or sauce. However, it's creamy texture and earthy flavor give it a wide range of uses. One of the best ways to use fresh chevre is as an appetizer. Here are five ways to use fresh chevre as an appetizer:

1. Finger Sandwiches

A common appetizer for tea parties or brunches are finger sandwiches. Although they commonly use cream cheese or pimento cheese as a filling, fresh chevre is a good alternative. You can pair the cheese with cucumber slices, basil, and mint for a traditional finger sandwich. For something with a bit more of a punch, pair the cheese with crunchy pecans. Both serve well with a glass of wine, a microbrew beer, or a glass of tea.

2. Crostini or Bruschetta

Another fantastic way to use fresh chevre is as a topping for crostini or bruschetta. The creamy texture pairs wonderfully with the crunchy bread. It can be paired with a wide assortment of things for a fun and flavorful topping.

Pair the cheese with red peppers, olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes for a savory appetizer. You could also pair the cheese with citrus zest, flavored oils, or whatever your heart desires. If you want something on the sweeter side, pair it with preserves and honey.

3. Stuffed Figs or Dates

Stuffed appetizers are the perfect finger food for dinner parties or brunches. Pair the fresh chevre with figs or dates for a sweet and savory appetizer. Fill figs with the cheese and chopped rosemary. Wrap in prosciutto or bacon and bake until warm. Drizzle with aged balsamic for an even bigger flavor. If you prefer dates, simply fill them with the cheese and bake until warm. Both are easy and tasty appetizers.

4. Baked Dip

You could also use the fresh chevre to make a warm dip for crackers. Mix the fresh chevre with cream cheese, diced tomatoes, and basil. Bake in hot oven until warm and bubbly. Top with some olive oil immediately before serving, and serve with any type of cracker you like.

5. Stuffed Endive

Finally, if you want something lighter consider using the cheese as a stuffing in endive. This crisp lettuce holds up well to stuffings and it's perfect for those on a diet. Simply stuff the endive with a mixture of the fresh chevre, pecans, and bacon. Serve with orange juice or mimosas for a wonderful brunch appetizer.

Fresh chevre works wonderfully in many dishes, including appetizers. Hopefully these ideas will spark creativity and make this coveted cheese easier to use.