3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Those Nagging Belly Aches

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If you're tired of dealing with stomach pain on a regular basis, there are a few natural remedies you can use that may help alleviate the pain no matter how severe it is. Consider putting one or more of the following ideas to use:

Cut Down on Gluten

Your body may have a hard time processing the gluten that is in bread, pasta, and other foods that you're eating daily, which can cause stomach pain on a regular basis that makes it tough to focus on the tasks at hand. Even if you don't suffer from celiac disease, the gluten in foods you eat can have a negative effect on your belly health as time goes on if you're eating too much of it.

Try cutting gluten out of your diet altogether to see if it alleviates some, if not all, of your stomach pain. You may be able to add some gluten back into your diet as time goes on without experiencing any negative side effects. Nowadays, there are tons of gluten-free pasta, bread, flour mixes, and even pizzas to indulge in, so you won't miss out on your favorite meals and snacks when choosing to eliminate gluten from your diet.  

Focus on Meditation

If the anxiety and stress you experience play a role in your stomach pain, consider incorporating meditation sessions into your daily regimen. By practicing meditation, you'll calm the mind and allow yourself to mentally work through the pain you have so it isn't so prominent throughout the day. Just ten minutes of meditation in the morning can make a big difference in how well you're able to function throughout the day without having to continually reach for antacids.

Make Use of Herbal Supplements

Believe it or not, a variety of herbs can be used to calm your belly and minimize the chance that you'll experience pain throughout the day. Taking an herbal supplement each morning before you start your day can provide you with a variety of benefits such as relieved muscle tension and cramping. Many herbs, such as chamomile, contain anti-inflammatory properties that work to soothe stomach irritation. Look for an herbal supplement that includes multiple different herbs to optimize your stomach health on a daily basis.

These straight forward tips and tricks should help make it easy to manage your stomach pain every day of the week, no matter what your schedule looks like.