4 Reasons Frozen Whole Grain Waffles Are A Good Freezer Staple

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The classic waffle has been a breakfast favorite for a lot of years. You could spend a while whipping up a batter and making your own, or you could go out and purchase a good whole-grain waffle variety that you can keep in the freezer. Having these waffles on hand is not just a healthy choice, but a choice that yields you a list of advantages as well. 

Waffles are super easy to cook on a busy morning. 

When you have frozen waffles in the freezer, you can rest assured that you have got breakfast covered. Just pop the waffle into a toaster to reheat and crisp the outer edges and you're pretty much ready to eat. When you don't have time for scrambled eggs and other breakfast foods, a good whole-grain waffle can definitely hold you over until lunch, and they take mere minutes to prepare. 

Kids love waffles because they're fun to eat. 

Waffles can be stacked, secured together with toothpicks, and decorated to make breakfast a totally enjoyable time for children. Pull out a few frozen whole-grain waffles, some syrup, some toothpicks, and some toppings and encourage your kids to play with their food while they eat. Picky eaters will have a lot of fun and probably get several bites of fiber in the process. 

Many foods pair well with waffles. 

Yes, waffles are traditionally a food you would eat during breakfast, but waffles are just as good paired with other foods and injected into other meals. For example, chicken and waffles are a favorite in the south for supper and two waffles can be buttered and lined with cheddar cheese and fried for a yummy grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. You can create some snazzy desserts with waffles as well. For example, a nice blueberry capote layered on top of a waffle with fresh whipped cream is pretty hard to resist. Spoon University actually has a nice lineup of ideas to try with your whole-wheat waffles. 

Whole-grain waffles give you the healthy fiber you need. 

If you normally stock up on regular waffles or even pancakes, you may be missing out on a really good dose of daily fiber. Whole-grain waffles are, of course, made with whole grains, such as wheat or rye. If you have trouble getting enough fiber in your diet, having one of these waffles in the morning to get your day started can definitely help. 

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