6 Ways To Use Chimichurri Sauce To Prepare Dishes For Your Restaurant

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If you want to add a sauce to your menu that is flavorful without being spicy, chimichurri sauce, which originated in Argentina, is a great sauce to use. It is used in Argentina as both a sauce, condiment, and a marinade. It can be used in many different ways to create unique dishes for your restaurant.

Way #1: Addition to Charcuterie Board

If you serve a cheese and charcuterie board in your restaurant, you can mix some chimichurri sauce with some softened cream cheese. Together, these two ingredients create a nice little spread that you can put on cracks, just put out with the dish so that the guests can add the spread to the crackers themselves.

Way #2: Add Flavor to Beans

If you have a dish that you add cannellini beans to as a side dish, you can vary the flavor by adding some chimichurri sauce to warm cannellini beans. This will add a nice little infusion of flavors to the beans and turn them into a more notable side dish without adding more than a few seconds of prep work.

Way #3: Offers as a Salad Dressing

You can also offer chimichurri sauce as a salad dressing. It adds great flavor to a chicken salad or a salad that is heavy on the vegetables. It is a great, fresh salad dressing, and is an excellent option if you want to make a light salad with more of a citrus zing to it.

Way #4: Roast Up Some Veggies

Roasted veggies are popular side dishes, especially for individuals who are following a diet. You can make their roasted veggies a little more interesting, while still keeping them healthy, by mixing up a little chimichurri sauce with the vegetables as you roast them. The sauce will give the roasted vegetables a little more flavor and depth.

Way #5: Use as a Topping

Chimichurri sauce can be used as a topping for a variety of dishes. It tastes great when added to the top of some grilled steak tacos. It can add a nice flavor punch when added to the top of a hamburger. It can be a great spread to add to just about any type of sandwich. If you have a dish that needs a little extra flavor, it makes a great topping.

Way #6: Enhance Breakfast

You can enhance your breakfast offerings by serving up eggs with chimichurri on the top, with some avocados on the side. The avocados will complement the sauce; the sauce will make the eggs into a more exciting dish.  

If you decide to add a few dishes to your menu that use chimichurri sauce, you will want to find a wholesale chimichurri sauce supplier to provide you with the sauce at an affordable rate. That way, you will have the sauce ready and prepared, cutting down on prep time for the above dishes.